The Google Online Marketing Challenge 2020

The Google Online Marketing Challenge 2020

The Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC) is a unique opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using Google Ads. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, NM TAFE’s Advanced Diploma students developed digital marketing campaigns for real clients in Perth during arguably the worse shock economic shutdown many businesses had ever experienced.

Still Shining Project worked with several clients.

Firstly, C+CO — The Artisan Collective as their physical store at Westfield Carousel was closed and made use of a clever online campaign to increase Mother’s Day and self-care gift giving online sales. Featuring free delivery and carefully crafted language, the ads encouraged people to support local Perth craftspeople and artisans during lockdown.

Likewise, with practically all bookings and events cleared from the calendar of Derive Event Hire, due to physical distancing, students had an uphill battle to help them stay in business. Student team captain Joe Round-Rawlins talked about his online strategy saying “We believe that the campaign went very smooth. All team members put in a large amount of effort creating Google Ads, including daily keyword monitoring to maintain our focus and relevance”.

(*Not all students featured in this photo due to physical distancing and blended delivery mode)

Joe explained “our client wanted at least 2–3 sales [during the COVID-19 lockdown] and we managed to get two sales and four quotes through the use of our Google Ads campaign. Given the experience we have now we also know how to structure our ads to get more clicks. The communication within the group was amazing and this project turned out to be a great learning experience.”


Congrats on the only Australian nominee to make it into the winners circle of GOMAC 2020 Anabel, Ray, Michelle 781-062-4211 —
For their outstanding work with


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